Big Sky HQ is Complete!

And we have moved in!

You might have noticed that it’s been quite a long while since I last posted, but house building is tiring work and I needed a wee break to concentrate on family and our business. We have been enjoying living in our new house. Yes! It’s finished! We moved in properly before Christmas time last year and what a house it is! After seven years in a pretty cramped caravan its pretty much blown our minds in terms of space and luxury.

Almost all the joinery work was complete in the Autumn last year but we still had to decorate all the rooms, and finish treating all the woodwork with fireproof varnish, before we could move in. We were both working so it meant about a month of late night painting after Rosie had gone to sleep, but we got there in the end.

Jonny also defeated his nemesis, the Ikea kitchen, and it looks fantastic! So much space and storage is such a treat after the tiny caravan kitchen. We got a local tiler to install a beautiful sea glass tile splash back. We also have a dishwasher! Hurrah!

The next thing we had to organise was furniture. We didn’t have much space in the caravan so we had to buy a dining table, beds, sofa and pretty much everything else. Jonny had to assemble it all and he’s vowed off flat-pack furniture for at least the next ten years.

Rosie brought all her toys!

We were very excited about a few little luxuries, like…

The wood burning stove and very handy wood store!


A bathroom of dreams!And a utility room! Yay! I don’t have to carry the washing miles to the shed any longer!

We managed to move in in plenty of time for Christmas and had both sets of Grandparents over for our very first Christmas dinner!

tree small
IMG_0779 small


2018 has been one of the best years ever for us and its so amazing to finally have our dream house! Since we moved in we’ve been working away on the interiors and garden and its all starting to come together just how we like it. We had a wee housewarming in May to celebrate and show off our new pad. It’s definitely a top party house!

Big Sky HQ

Here’s a wee gallery of the finished house in all its glory! I’ve included some pictures of finishing touches I have been adding over the past few months.

IMG_4224 small
IMG_2145 small
IMG_4115 small
IMG_1200 small
IMG_4107 small

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