Lockdown life at Big Sky

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. We’ve been busy with guests at Big Sky and we also have a new member of the team to keep us occupied. Baby Caitlin was born last November and has made our little family complete.

Due to the Coronaviris outbreak, Big Sky Lodges is currently closed. As a small family business it hasn’t been fun, our income stopped dead and like everyone else we don’t know when we might be able to re-open. Things are looking more positive now though and we are hopeful we may be able to open for at least part of the summer season.

I am however very thankful that we are all well and now have plenty of time to enjoy together as a family. I thought I’d use some of the time to update on here and show you how we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied at Big Sky HQ. We’ve always been isolated here on the Croft but with all the lodges empty it is extremely quiet at the moment. All we can hear is birdsong, coos munching and our own extremely loud children.

Although being at home constantly with children is tricky, Rosie is really missing her nursery buddies, we are enjoying having the Croft to ourselves and realising how truly lucky we are to have all this outdoor space. I really feel for those who and experiencing lockdown in a city with all the restrictions now in place.

We’re enjoying rediscovering a little wooded area behind the lodges that was planted by my Dad over 15 years ago. It’s grown up into a beautiful mature little wood with fir, birch, alder and rowan. We call it the wildflower wood for the bluebells and Red Campion flowers that appear every spring.

We noticed that a few of our younger guests have had a go at building dens in there and we just had to have a go too.

We selected a couple of well spaced trees and Jonny added a good sized cross branch to make a wee tent. Then we covered the whole thing with branches and sticks, leaving a space for the door. Our very own self isolation station.

Add some tree stump furniture and tea making facilities and it’s the perfect picnic spot.

We love it so much we’ve moved in for the rest of the week. It’s only a wee bit draughty.

The Big Sky den will be available for guests to try when they next visit or there is plenty of building materials in the Wildflower wood to have a go at making your own. We look forward to welcoming guests back to Big Sky soon.

Take care and stay safe.x

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