An exciting delivery!

An exciting delivery!

Since I took over Big Sky in 2010 we have been planning some long term improvements to make life and work a bit easier. First up is the new Big Sky HQ which will be a home for us to live in with a fantastic much needed new office. It will be a log home in keeping with the rest of Big Sky lodges and it arrived from Finland last week! It’s been a pretty long process from getting planning permission from the local council to the house arriving at last!

For the last few years we have been living on site in a cosy caravan but now with the arrival of Rosie and the accompanying enormous amounts of baby stuff we are ready for a bigger space.


The caravan is a lovely place in a sunny woodland dell and was great when there was only two of us but is now bursting at the seams with toys and office stuff. We’ve already worked quite hard to make it a nice place to live, so once the new HQ is finished it will receive a little bit of extra attention and we hope to rent it out as a holiday hideaway so other people can enjoy it as much as we have.


Once we had planning permission in place and our building warrant was approved it was time to order our house! Working with our sister company Mountain Lodge Homes we chose a design that fitted our style and budget and adapted the layout to suit our needs. The completed house should look something like this!

The house is made by Artichouse, a fantastic log house manufacturer in Finland. It arrives in kit form made up of  interlocking square planed logs which are produced from extremely strong Finnish pine, grown in sustainable forests north of the Arctic Circle. The timber is then shaped into square logs, precisely cut to size and carefully packaged at the Artichouse factory. They then fit each package, like a game of giant jenga, onto a huge lorry which is then driven all the way from Finland to our site on the Black Isle. The whole process, from manufacture to delivery only takes about 6 weeks!

Before the house arrived our builder had to prepare and clear the site and build a foundation for the kit to sit on to ensure it has a strong and stable base. We’ve hired a local joinery company to handle the build and we’ve all loved watching the process. our daughter Rosie is just 20 months and isn’t sure what’s happening but she loves to watch whats going on and have a go on the big diggers!

The next step will be to get the logs sorted according to their location and start building which will begin tomorrow. Once the build gets going it should progress pretty quickly and if all goes according to plan should be wind and water tight in around five weeks. More updates to follow!

Welcome to Big Sky HQ

Welcome to Big Sky HQ

Hello and welcome to Big Sky HQ!

My name is Ailsa and I run Big Sky Lodges, a collection of six beautiful luxury Scandinavian holiday log cabins in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

I have decided to start at blog as we are just about to add to Big Sky Lodges with a new Big Sky HQ! The new HQ will also be a log home from Finland and will be a new base for the Big Sky team which consist of myself, my Husband Jonny and our little girl Rosie and of course my lovely parents, Chrissie and Angus who already live next door.

Big Sky lodges was built by my parents, Angus and Chrissie in the early 2000’s on their 17 acres of idyllic traditional croft land on the edge of the beautiful Black Isle, where I grew up. They wanted to create a place where families could come for affordable Scottish holidays and experience all the Highland’s has to offer in comfort and luxurious Scandinavian Style. They retired in 2010 when I took over the running of Big Sky and I have had 7 happy years here with many more to follow!